about the CALL MAKER


About 30 years ago, I went Spring turkey hunting. As I called in a gobbler and watched this majestic bird put on a show, it immediately gave me a great appreciation and respect for the wild turkey. To this day, I spend as much time as possible in the woods, during Spring and Fall, listening to these great birds. 

Calling the wild turkey has always been a challenge for me. In 1996, I decided to increase the challenge and attempt to harvest a wild turkey using a call that I crafted myself. That Fall, I harvested a young gobbler using a sawn and glued call that I made. Not being satisfied with the sound of my calls, I began my quest to craft a better sounding call, that is when I met a gentleman from Mississippi that produces a very fine boxcall, Albert Paul. With his encouragement and coaching, I began to craft calls in the tradition of Neil D. Cost from Greenwood, SC. After years of coaching and building calls for myself and for friends, I began to sell calls and believe they are among the finest calls available today.

My calls are not mass produced, they are hand crafted one at a time by me and tuned according to each individual piece of wood. I carefully select the best quality wood available and let it age. Each call must meet my standards for quality, tone and workmanship or it will be discarded, therefore, you can be confident that you will receive a quality turkey call or it will not leave the shop. I guarantee that each call is true in tone, pitch and is capable of calling in a turkey because calling in a turkey will depend on the operator. Every step of crafting my calls has a purpose from wood selection to the inlays and checkering. This is to obtain quality tone and depth of sound characteristics to that of a wild turkey. On the bottom of every call, I personalize where the wood came from, who the call is crafted for and is signed and dated by me.

Thank you for your interest in my calls. I would be honored to hand craft one for you!